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kanye mid terms representation weezy

So the mid term elections are coming up. Kanye just went to the white house to spit a freestyle for shade 45th prez radio ( i have only see clips, haven't heard the whole thing). Now he is in Africa cooking up some heat. So much speculation on his intent and or sanity. Does it translate into sales? Monetize through streaming platforms? Is the engagement whether positive or negative, reaffirm his status in the "culture".

Lil Wayne just dropped Carter 5 and I haven't heard it yet. I don't rush to hear new albums. I like to try and hear them organically. I'm not in a hurry. Wayne has brushed me the wrong way in some interviews he has given. I have evolved and his music has not (spiritually in his music). I have no time for that, but his skate video! I could do once. I was not expecting to see Weezy do anything amazing. He has expressed what skateboard is for him and that it is positive. My only gripe with his skate video is the sqvad up skate team. These kids made the video bearable (for me) to watch and what did they get from it? Some lame moniker that doesn't translate into coverage for an up and coming skateboarder from their "sponsor". Like many people I'm not going to scour the internet try to find out "sqvad Tim's" real name and social media handle. That sh*t is wack.

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